HackHunterdon Radio Guests Daniel Tuft & Jennifer Nagengast Show 17

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Show #17 features Daniel Tuft and Jennifer Nagengast of ResponseWorks a local Lambertville company with many large corporate customers. From their site ResponseWorks.com:

“When times get tough, we all need a helping hand. From Crisis Management services, to Employee Assistance/EAP, to Higher Education services, ResponseWorks has the experience you need to have a powerful impact. Whether creating a comprehensive Disaster Management plan or helping an individual employee, ResponseWorks is skillful, flexible and compassionate.”

The services that they offer are being more important as we all put more emphasis on mental health and companies look to keep their teams together and informed. We will discuss how they use technology to help employees navigate life issues.

For the history lesson, I run down the history of Employee Assistance Programs which started out as workplace safety programs centered around alcohol over consumption.