HackHunterdon Radio Volume 2 Show 1 Eric Emerson

 In HackHunterdon Radio Volume 2

Welcome to the new version of the HackHunterdon Radio Show.  I am your host Jim Minadeo and I am the President of Zero Surge- a manufacturer of power quality filters that are used for surge protecting sensitive electronics.  With Zero Surge, you have peace of mind that your electronics are kept safe.

My guest is here for the third time, Eric Emerson of ESquared IT.  If you want more background on Eric and his company, I suggest listening to Volume 1 Show #5 or you can visit his website at www.e2itconsulting.com

Before we get to Eric, I would like to discuss the changes to the show moving forward.  In the past, we recorded these shows live via the Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce streaming radio service.  There was video as well so people could see everything via Facebook live.  I have archived the audio portion of the shows and posted them to our new podcasting feeds.  Future shows will now be audio only podcasts that will be posted to our feeds.  Please subscribe to the podcast via your favorite service and you will be notified when new shows are available.  Currently, we are on Google Podcasts, BluBrry, Deezer, TuneIn, Spotify, Android, or you can go to the HackHunterdon Radio page on the HackHunterdon website.   We have applied to several other services.  Check back to see if your favorite service was added.  The plan is to start posting 4 shows per month.

In other HackHunterdon news, our last meetup was held on February 27th.  We had the chance to try out two escape room table top games provided by Mike from Space Escapes.  It was fun to solve puzzles as a team and get to the answers.  Space Escapes was moving to a new location as part of the upgrades to the Northlandz complex off of route 202.  So check them out!

We meet the last Thursday of every month @7pm at Lone Eagle.

So let’s get right into the show.  Today Eric and I discuss what it was like to change managed IT providers and perform an entire IT upgrade at the same time.  This meant changing out computers, server, and network gear.  It also meant upgrading software and operating systems.  Let’s take a listen…